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Nature Conversations

ECOllaborations Presents:

Nature Conversations

“Deepen your connection to Nature and Activate your capacity to be partnered by life”

The Earth and I invite you to let yourself be guided to connect and listen to your own deepest Nature. Life is constantly having a conversation with you and it is a conversation about your evolutionary possibility, who you are being invited to become in relation to an evolving community of life.

Nature conversations is about expanding this understanding through immersing yourself in Nature while engaging a dialogue with Nature. It is about stepping out of everyday mind into a heart-space where we are totally connected with all of life. It is about relaxing, being present, listening, engaging your senses, inviting the conversation into the space of your awareness.

You will get to be a part of a community of like hearted people, on different parts of the earth, simultaneously participating in a global event to deepen our connection to nature. Your solo journey in nature will be supported online by accomplished guide Dr. Caresse Cranwell.

We will come together online, across the earth to set our intent, step into connected heartH space, and deepen our skills on how to listen deeply to nature. We’ll be witnessed by a community of fellow travellers with whom we will be energetically connected as we take our solo journeys. We’ll then move to the places where Nature is calling us to be, spend time there and reconvene at time’s end to share our stories, reflections and invitations. In this way we will create an intentional interconnected community connected to the community of life across the planet.

Book Now for Nature Conversations

Monthly, Starting November 10 2017

How the experience will be offered

We will meet online in our private group on for a video conference session. You will receive the link to the group when you sign up. Caresse will begin by facilitating an open HeartH meditation to welcome and connect us. She will then invite you to set an intention for the day. To enhance your potential for deep listening as you go out into nature, Caresse will then offer you suggestions and help you cultivate skills on how to absorb the messages that will come as you move through your nature journey.

To go out on your own into nature near you. Follow your own guidance to a place in nature that calls you. Stay in that place for the day, confining yourself to a 10m radius, and enter into a deep listening space. All the while, Caresse will be holding space for you through the practice of ‘home fire heartH’ meditation in nature in Australia.

Come back together on zoom for sharing space. Caresse will facilitate the sharing & harvesting of insights with the intention that everyone will be given the space to share and be heard. Communing in this way will aim to foster a sense of shared community and purpose through nurturing deeper connections to nature, self, others, world.

Who is your guide?

Dr. Caresse Cranwell. Caresse is an ecophilosopher, transpersonal and experiential therapist.

“Communications are often on a symbolic level so we need to understand how to interpret the messages we’re receiving that give meaning to our lives.These messages are invitations life offers to us to grow; to evolve, to deepen our connections and realise more of our selves.”

Caresse has facilitated numerous inner journeys both in nature and in therapeutic settings. Her passion is to build our perception and capacities for engaging in active partnership with evolutionary life. For her this means engaging in our own evolution so that life may flourish on this earth.

When do we meet?

First date: November 10th 2017

We intend to make this an ongoing monthly event so we can build a community of connection and cultivate deepening relationships between ECOllaboraters

Contribution for the day: Sliding scale $50-$100 per person (to be arranged with Caresse)

Book Now for Nature Conversations

Monthly, Starting November 10 2017

One on one with Caresse

$50-$100 per person

Caresse invites you to have a personal session with her (before or after the day of Nature Conversations) to facilitate skills for deepening your conversation and connection with nature – activating your capacity to be partnered by life.

Caresse will guide you to develop your own true eco-identity/eco-self. You will be cultivating your perceptual sense of being Nature, being ecology, a part, a partner and partnered participant in ecology and in the evolution of life.

Caresse’s facilitation breaks down the barriers within human psychology; our perceived differences and separation from nature. A one on one session reminds you to become one with the essence of nature and gives you a deeper understanding of how to hear the messages coming through nature that have meaning for you. These are ever present but we often don’t perceive them because we have forgotten how to listen. And so to step away from our everyday mind into a deeper place, we can remember that we are profoundly connected to all things and beings and simply listen to life’s invitation to us for the flourishing of all life.

Book Now For Nature Conversations November 10 2017

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